About Me

Hello hello....

I always have trouble with these things lol.. 

Who I Am
I like to think that I'm a pretty decent person. I consider myself to be open, ethical and honest. I like hanging out with my friends (who doesn't?) and having a good time. I'm creative and spend a lot of my time on graphic design, listening to music, writing and taking photos. I'm silly, funny and the best times of my life have been spent laughing with good company. :)

What I Do
There are a lot of areas of creativity that I'm active in. I'm a graphic designer by training, and currently am working on building my own business doing that, as well as photography, which is my true passion. I also keep a lot of notebooks, where I like to write fiction stories and shorts. I like to sing and currently am learning to play the piano (teaching myself!). With practice, I'll be as good at playing the piano as I am at graphic design. 

I've lived in Manhattan, the Bronx and some parts of New Jersey since moving here. I love it, and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. :)  Some goals that I hope to achieve are:

- Create and run a successful graphic design company (started!)
- Have a family
- Help my family and friends
- Finish this website!
- Create a complete portfolio of my artwork and photos
- Learn more!